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ColorMAC 24 is the sole agent for Caldron large format solvent printers and agent for Infinity & Challenger digital printers and Pcut- sign cutters in Sri Lanka. Our efficient, Quality & Prompt service have put us on the ladder leaving no challenge from our other competitors. This achievement is purely on the excellent performances of our technical staff who have excelled their duties convincingly.


To gain a gradual increase of the financial state by supplying & serving the most moderate digital printing solutions to the Sri Lankans.


Empower customers with state-of-the-art, cost-effective advertising solutions and to anticipate and fulfill the advertising needs of all the Sri Lankans with total customer satisfaction using the most modern
advertising equipments & facilities


ColorMAC 24 , as a company we could enlist a large number of customers to our customer base for the
past few years. We could able to grown due to our commitment to total quality and single-minded
dedication to providing the best customer service and after sales support in the digital printing industry.